Monday, May 23, 2011

You are now entering Belfast City

Hi folks, it's me again. As you can see, since now till -at least- 18th August I'm going to write in  the language of Shakespeare with a little bit of northern irish accent.

Yesterday I took mi big backpack with my camera and I went out for a walk with some friends, trying to discover some places in Belfast, -probably the ugliest city in the world, I was told-. As you can see in this empty-of-quality random photos, Belfast has the same things as any other city in the world: buses, cars, grass with lazy people on it, modern buildings, old buildings, orange fanta, religious centres with weird giant metallic needles on the roof and weird tourists inside, and all kind of grafittis painted on some houses' walls.

But there are two differences that make Belfast special: The language of his inhabitants -sometimes it sounds like english, but they like to pay with points instead pounds, and they prefer to put the groceries in bikes rhater than in bags- and THE WEATHER. Come on, how can you people live with that? Yesterday we had the first full-sunny day, and when I say full-sunny I mean we only had rain two times today, 20 min each. Believe me, it's annoying. Too much.

No more talking, fellas, let's take a look at the photos and tell me if you agree with me at any point:

See you.

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  1. We have been expecting this for loong.

  2. vexo que xa estas instalado na illa.....
    que tal por ahi? afaste ben?
    un saudo e unha grande aperta....

  3. eins?¿? Je ne comprends RIEN¡¡¡¡

  4. @Loistf Of course LOL

    @Enfesta Downhill Si, xa estou na illa dende fai casi 2 semanas. O tempo unha merda pero hai que ir tirando...

    @Lamery You better write in english, you need it ;)

  5. ok, pois a pasalo o mellor posible e a disfrutar da estancia....
    esperamos que voltes cara eiqui enteiro jejejeje e tamen esperamos outra session de fotos en enfesta....
    unha aperta.

  6. Nice pictures!! (from Lisburn Road)


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