Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last Saturday I have been to Bangor with some friends, and it took me only five minutes to realise that this little village is the place where all belfastians -or belfasters, or belfastish people, I don't know and I don't care- are when we go for a walk around Belfast and the streets seem like during the football World Cup Final. It was literally crowded.

The place was nice and the weather was good so I took my camera and I started shooting. My intention was to take photos only the long-zoom -a tricky challenge when you go to a new place, because you want to include everything in one photo- and have a good time, and I was on it when, suddenly, the sun turned into shit rain.

The irish weather should be illegal. I mean it.

After getting wet like I've never got, there were only tow options: danzar Kuduro or going to a fish and chips to eat anything but fish and chips. Luckyly or not -you tell me after watching the video-, we chose the second option. 

The afternoon was not very funny, the only remarkable point was the visit to the Bangor "castle" -come on you fools, learn from the scottish!-. We went back home disappointed because of the weather and the castles, but now we now that half an hour from Belfast there is a place where houses are not made of bricks.

Enjoy -or not- the rest of the photos, and think there is a Ferrari in the place of the Ford van. Nice, huh?

See you.

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  1. Danza Kuduro should be illegal!! Good trip, good company and nice photos like always.
    Fdo. The best person in Belfast (y ya no digo de la beca!haha)

  2. Danza Kuduro rocks! (the song, not the video I've linked to, of course jaja).
    BTW, what do you think about going to Portrush this weekend?
    Sgd. One person in Belfast.

  3. Portrush was a great idea!! I’m waiting impatiently for your next post I hope it will be posted in no time!
    (Regards from my wonderfull job jeje)


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