Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mourne Mountains

I love this island. It's a fact.

Over the miserable weather, the cliffs, the bad food, the mountains, the riots... Over all this amazing things there is one: the roads.

Driving in this island is one of the most pleasent acts a person like me can do. It's like being in a rally stage, concentrated in all the turns, all the grades, etc., and when you stop you can admire the great irish landscapes. Great, huh?

BTW, roads like these would be absolutely illegal in Spain -elevations, radius, widths, etc. are ten times sharper-, it must be because spanish standards are made for people who don't like to be concentrated while driving... 

Long story short, driving it's all about the flow and roads in here rocks.

And now, some photos of our last trip, this time to the Mourne Mountains. Yes, in the black Ford Ka of the fourth photo.


I'll update this post when I have the video of the electric brae zone near Spelga dam.

See you.

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  1. I think you'd like to drive from O Cádavo to Ribeira de Piquín on a stormy night... lol

  2. La penúltima de National Geographic....increibles todas,menudos paisajes!!
    ¿cuándo estarás por terras galegas?
    Hasta pronto.

  3. Gracias Mario! La verdad es que los paisajes por aquí son todos una pasada...

    Vuelvo a España el 18 de Agosto si todo va bien, así que si vas por Verín después de esa fecha podemos organizar otra sesión downhillera jaja

    Un saludo!


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