Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is how we do it in Belfast

One -rainy, I suppose- day of 1909, a shipbuilding company called Harland&Wolff recieved some great news: they had been chosen to built three big cruise ships -the Olympic, the Brittanic and the Titanic-. It was a big company, so they hadn't any problem on carrying out the construction of the three biggest cruise ships of those days.

I have to say that H&W drydocks are in Belfast, Northern Ireland. And why do I say that? After the jump...

Maybe you don't know, but one of the three big ladies -yes, a ship is a she...- sank full of rich people on her maiden voyage, and because of this inconvinient, the Titanic is a legend. After that, people of Belfast realised that they had the potential to promote this fact making the difference, so they started doing things like:

- Organise kid contests on making Titanic scale models -see first image and read the name of the ship again-.

- Put the Titanic museum in an almost collapsed building:

I think I would prefer this old crap rather than the new museum...

- Cover the original dry docks to build a totally useless parking:

- 'Hey fella, look at my shirt'.

- Put the name of the Titanic on the news -in so many ways-:

   · 1: filming -I am sure that someone from Belfast convinced the producers to do the film-.

   · 2: painting

   · 3 -the most successful way so far...-: destroying

After all these spectacular moves, you can only say 'Chapeau, belfasters, only you can do it like this!', 'How can you be proud of a sank ship?' and 'Why don't you do the same with the other -not sank- two cruise ships?'

I bet you that, even knowing this madness, you still want to go to Belfast to learn more about the Titanic, don't you? I would...

See you.

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  1. joooooooooooo... como molan los modelitos¡¡¡¡ podias haber sacado mas fotos ;)


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