Friday, October 28, 2011

Lago Castiñeiras

Recently, I've been to the Lago Castiñeiras, a natural reserve located near Marín (Pontevedra, Spain). It's a really good place to do so many things: to go for a walk, to go with your children, to have a picnic, to practise running or mountainbiking, to go with your boyfriend/girlfriend and do... birdwatching... And, of course, to take photos.

The day I've been there, the place was really crowded of people: parents, children, grandparents, couples, etc. And as you know, I don't feel very comfortable with people staring at me while I'm taking photos. So I had to wait till the sun went down -and people went back home-, and then take the tripod and start shooting.

These are the results:

Only six photos? Yes, I'm ashamed of myself, but it is what it is.

Oh! And as Jack Shepard once said...

See you.

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