Wednesday, November 9, 2011


People who know me well -and not so well, actually- know that I have a strange fixation - some people call it "me encanta"- on anything that moves faster than a person and has engine and/or wheels. That would include cars, bikes, planes -sure you know I like them-, helicopters, excavators, trucks, supermarket trolleys... and cruise ships.

Today I'm posting pictures of some cruise ships that have been berthed at Coruña Harbour between years 2007 and 2010, including several kinds of ships from the smallest -Princess Danae, Saga Rose or Sea Cloud II-, to the biggest ones -Ventura, Norwegian Sun or Costa Mágica-.

I don't know exactly why I do like cruise ships. I mean, a heavy bunch of metal -sometimes over 200.000 tonnes- with thousands and thousands of horsepower that moves only at 20 knots shouldn't be interesting for me. And if you add the fact that they always go full of old retired people -no offense-, the thing goes worse.

But maybe their shapes, their liveries, their stories, or the slowly way they move make me stare at them with sort of admiration. And, well, I have to admit that sometimes they can be very funny... and even more -please watch the whole video-.

If you want to know more about cruise ships, you can visit websites like Ship Parade or google some of the names of the most famous cruise lines: Cunard, Royal Caribbean, P&O, Aida Cruises, Disney, Carnival, etc.

Black Watch (Fred Olsen Cruise Lines)

Mein Schiff (Tui Cruises)

Ventura (P&O Cruises)

Oceanic (Peace Boat)

Oceana (P&O Cruises)

Celebrity Century (Celebrity Cruises)

Mein Schiff 2 (Tui Cruises)

Ventura (P&O Cruises)

Arcadia (P&O Cruises)

Costa Mágica (Costa Crociere)

Sea Cloud II (Sea Cloud Cruises)

Queen Elizabeth 2 (Cunard Cruise Line)

Vision of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

Balmoral (Fred Olsen Cruise Lines)

Aida Luna (Aida Cruises)

Empress (Pullmantur)

Queen Elizabeth 2 (Cunard Cruise Line)

Ventura (P&O Cruises)

Saga Rose (Saga Cruises)

Princess Danae (Princess Cruises)

See you.

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